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                                    APRS - Automatic Position Reporting System
                                    AZ_PROJ at WM7D: Azimuthal Equidistant (Great Circle) Projection Map
                                    BeaconClock is Freeware for DXers!
                                    CLUSSE - Truely Free DX Cluster Node Software
                                    ClusterMaster Software v4.20 by I0JX
                                    ClusterMaster - The Very Latest Version by I0JX
                                    CW Morse Decoder for Soundcards MRP37 by POLAR Electric
                                    DATOM Engineering Home Page
                                    DeLorme - High Quaility Maps
                                    DX4WIN Logging Software For Windows
                                    DX Monitor - Program by VE3SUN
                                    DXtreme Software On The Web
                                    Dynamic Electronics, Inc. Ham Radio Page
                                    EASYTERM for Windows - AEA, HAL and Kantronics Modem's
                                    EQF Software Web Site
                                    Free! Software by K1TTT
                                    FTV - WEFAX, FAX, SSTV, RTTY and CW Software for SB Cards
                                    GcmWin Program - Great Circle Maps
                                    HAMCALC, RFTOOLS - Electronic Engineering Technology Software
                                    HFx - An HF Propagation Prediction Tool
                                    KaWin - Windows For Host Mode Kantronics TNCs
                                    LOGic 5 - Personal Database Applications
                                    LOGPlus! by DMW Systems
                                    NORDLINK's Homepage
                                    Nu Software - NuMorse & NuTest Homepages
                                    SD Super-Duper Amateur Radio Contest Logging Software by EI5DI
                                    TR Log Contest Logging Software by N6TR
                                    TY1PS Express Updates
                                    Weblint (German)
                                    WIM - Windows Image Manager
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